In this gallery, you'll find a random variety of pictures, videos and sounds related to science. Click and learn.

Evolution in Action

HIV Replication and "Life" Cycle

HIV Replication - 3D Animation

Immune System

Check this interesting animation of body functions.

Celebrating Earth Day - April 22nd, 2008

Middle 1st Grade Class Video: DNA Structure

Middle 1st Grade Class Video: DNA Replication

Inquiry Approach worked in class with students from Middle 6th Grade and Middle 1st Grade:

For Middle 1st - Meiosis

Videos for Middle 1st Grade: How do Cells reproduce?
How the Cell Cycle Works


Mitosis Animation


Lab Practice - Make a Model Cell - Lower 5th Grade - Friday, March 14th

This video explains what Stem Cells are.

This is an extraordinary video animation of the life of a Leukocyte (developed by Harvard University).

Evolution - Carl Sagan (billions of years summarized in a few minutes of impressive evolution)

Life Images II (A brief collection of images that remind us of the complexity of life).

Life Images I