On a regular basis, the Science work book must be completed as indicated by the corresponding teacher. It will most likely be completed by the student at least three times a week, unless otherwise indicated by the teacher.

For assignments, hoe works and article readings, the dates will be specifically indicated in theis section every time a student is requested to prepare one of those works. As well as the conditions and/or indications for each unit, or assignment topic.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at glazaro@sanjorge.edu.pe

Lower 5th Grades:
- Lab Report 2 - Lab Practice 2: Animal and Plant Cells - Deadline: Wednesday, April 9th
- Optional Assignment: What is the importance of Yeasts in today's live? - Deadline: Wednesday, April 9th
- Assignment: Find important contributions of Fungi to Humans - Deadline: Wednesday, April 9th
- Science Workbook: Pages WB5 and WB6 - Deadline: Wednesday, April 2nd
- The Early Evolution of Animals-Scientific American-August, 2005
- Deadline: Wednesday, April 2nd
- Optional Assignment: Life's far-flung materials-Scientific American-July, 1999 - Deadline: Friday, April 4th, 2008
- Lab Report 1 - Lab Practice 1: Make a Model Cell - Deadline: Friday, April 4th, 2008

Middle 6th Grades:
- Lab Report 2: Lab Practice 2: Types of Muscle Cells - Deadline: April 9th for 6th A, and April 11th for 6th B
- Science Workbook: Pages WB1, WB4, WB5 - Deadline: April 2nd for both 6th grades.
- Lab Report 1 - Lab Practice 1: Observing Cells - Deadline: March 17th for 6th B, and March 19th for 6th A

Middle 1st Grade:
- Article reading: The Centrosome-Scientific American-1993 - Deadline: Wednesday - April 9th, 2008
- Science Workbook: Pages 9 to 11 - Deadline: March - March 31st, 2008
- Article reading: The Birth of Complex Cells-Scientific American-1996 - Deadline: Friday - March 28th, 2008
- Assignment 1: Organelles - One or two pages, hand-written - Deadline: Monday - March 17th, 2008
- Science Workbook: Pages RS3 to RS8 - Deadline: Monday - March 17th, 2008